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Meet the Team!

Editor in Chief

Megan Atwood is a professor at Rowan University and a published author of children's literature. She also has years of experience working as an editor. Atwood brought Singularity Press to life and supervises the work of our student staff.



Chloe Mortier (she/they) is a 4+1 student in the MA in Writing Program at Rowan, currently completing their last semester. She began interning for Singularity Press during her fall semester of junior year, wanting to dip her toes into the publishing world, gain experience reading manuscripts, and be part of a team. Chloe likes to lay on their couch with a cup of peppermint tea, dreaming of all the stories crammed in their head instead of actually writing any of them. 

Forgen GW Headshot.jpg

Gianna Forgen is a MA in Writing student at Rowan University. This is her third semester interning for Singularity Press, and one of three editorial positions she’s held while in the program. When not reading, writing, or mindlessly scrolling on TikTok, she’s usually at either a movie or concert.


Allison D’Arienzo is a Senior English and Writing Arts double major with a minor in Creative Writing and concentration in Publishing and Writing for the Public at Rowan University. She joined the Singularity Press team to gain experience and learn more about the publishing industry and to work with different authors and their pieces. Along with Singularity Press, she also works in the Writing Center as a tutor. In her free time, Allison enjoys writing poetry and catching up with friends.

Current Interns


Eric Noon is a senior Writing Arts Major with a concentration in Creative Writing. He is currently in the process of pursuing his Master’s Degree in Writing Arts as a part of Rowan’s 4+1 Masters Program. Eric is extremely excited about being a part of Singularity Press as it has been a goal of his since being enrolled at Rowan. Working with client work and helping them to tell the stories of their dreams is a huge passion of his. He hopes to continue doing so post-college as part of a publishing firm, as well as work on his own stories.


Amani “Lani” Trower is a senior Writing Arts major with two concentrations: one in Creative Writing and the other in Publishing and Writing for the Public. Her pronouns are She/Her/Hers. She is currently pursuing her Master’s Degree in Writing Arts through Rowan’s 4+1 Program. Lani is enjoying her time with Singularity Press this semester, and she hopes to continue working with them in the future! If she isn’t writing, then she can be found drawing or making something or another. Lani plans to become an editor in the publishing industry after she graduates, as well as publish her own works along the way.


Shea Roberts (she/they) is an MA in Writing student in her final semester at Rowan. She is super excited to be working with Singularity Press, as her goal upon graduating is to work in the editing and publishing field. When not sleeping, writing, or thinking about writing, they can be found cuddling with their cat, working on an arts & crafts project, or re-reading one of their many favorite books.


Mia-Sara King is a junior Writing Arts major at Rowan University, with concentrations in Creative Writing and Publishing & Writing for the Public. She has a love for fantasy and poetry, and is a founding member and current senator of Poetic Justice, a newly formed spoken word poetry club on the Rowan campus. She loves storytelling and is so excited to be a part of Singularity Press this semester to help authors tell their own stories. Her dream of dreams is to write books for children.


Emily Colón (she/her) is in her final semester of the MA in Writing Arts program at Rowan, where she also received her BA in Psychology. This is Emily’s second semester interning with the Press and she is excited to continue gaining knowledge and experience in the publishing world. Her passion involves merging her creative brain with multimedia communication to increase acceptance and advocacy for marginalized communities. During her free time, Emily enjoys performing in community and regional theatrical productions, furthering her yoga practice, and of course, reading and writing anything fiction next to her kittens.


Sofia (Sof) Kolojeski (she/her) is in her final year of the MA in Writing Arts program at Rowan University. This is her second time being a part of the Singularity team. She loves continuing to gain experience in the editing field, learning more about the process each time, and connecting with peers. She is currently working on a YA fantasy novel for her master’s project, which takes up much of her time outside of Singularity. Otherwise, you can find her crafting, taking an unnecessary trip to a thrift store, or reading in a coffee shop.


Sophia Nigro (she/her) is a junior Writing Arts major with concentrations in Publishing and Writing for the Public and Honors studies, along with minors in English and Creative Writing. This is her first semester as part of the Singularity Press team and couldn’t be more excited. She’s especially looking forward to enhancing her editing skills and gaining experience within the publishing industry. During her downtime, Sophia enjoys watching cartoons and obsessing over Taylor Swift.


Coney Zhang (she/they) is a senior dual majoring in Biology and Writing Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing. This semester will be their first semester as part of Singularity Press. She enjoys seeking out new knowledge wherever she goes in order to help with her writing and future writing career. Outside of Singularity Press, they are also fond of video games, anime, tea, and art.

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