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Editing Executives


Professor Megan Atwood

Megan Atwood is a professor at Rowan University and a published author of children's literature. She also has years of experience working as an editor. Atwood brought Singularity Press to life and supervises the work of our student staff.


Tara Grier

Tara Grier is working toward her Masters degree in Writing Arts and is currently in her last year of graduate school. She has been working with Singularity Press since Spring of 2020, and has enjoyed every second. She loves that Singularity offers opportunities to both students and aspiring authors that is unlike what anyone else is currently offering. She can usually be found agonizing over the latest draft of her manuscript with a cold coffee beside her or procrastinating said manuscript-editing by rewatching New Girl. 


Chloe Mortier

Chloe Mortier is a senior Writing Arts major with a concentration in Creative Writing and Publishing & Writing for the Public. She began interning for Singularity Press during her fall semester of junior year, wanting to dip her toes into the publishing world, gain experience reading manuscripts, and be part of a team. Chloe likes to lay on her couch with a cup of peppermint tea, dreaming of all the stories she has crammed in her head instead of actually writing any of them. 


Current Interns


Allison D’Arienzo 

Allison D’Arienzo is a junior English and Writing Arts double major with a concentration in Creative Writing at Rowan University. She joined the Singularity Press team to gain experience and learn more about the publishing industry and to work with different authors and their pieces. Along with Singularity Press, she also works in the Writing Center as a tutor. In her free time, Allison enjoys writing poetry and catching up with friends.


Ashley Chan

Ashley Chan is a senior Communication Studies major with a minor in Creative Writing at Rowan University. She joined Singularity Press to not only immerse herself in the publishing industry, but to also meet other writers along the way. You’ll typically find Ashley reading a new romance novel, or catching up on the latest K-drama on Netflix. After undergrad, she aims to earn an MFA in Creative Writing. One day, she hopes to work at a publishing house while writing and publishing her own novels!


Catherine Giuliani

Catherine (she/her) is in her final semester as a Liberal Studies major. Through her time at Rowan she has focused in courses on history, art history, anthropology, creative writing, and literature. She is a transfer and honors student. You can find her on-campus in the library as a writing tutor and digital project assistant. In the long-term, she would like to go into library science or museum studies - but hopefully always find time to write stories.


Gillian McGovern

Gillian McGovern (she/her) is a senior Writing Arts major with concentrations in Technical & Professional Writing and Publishing & Writing for the Public, and Creative Writing.  She is incredibly passionate about storytelling and joined Singularity Press to develop her skills in editing and publishing.  Whenever she isn’t at class or working at Rowan’s Writing Center, you can find her practicing her baking, curled up with a cup of coffee, or procrastinating writing her own stories.


Katelyn Warren

Katelyn is a Writing Arts senior with a concentration in creative writing at Rowan University. She is a member of Phi Theta Kappa, writes for Halftone, plays in a band, composes music, and edits her father’s novels. Although she wants to be an editor as a career, her real dream is to become a best-selling author and musician.


Mattie Millet

Mattie Millet (she/her/hers) is a senior theatre major with a concentration in musical theatre and minor in creative writing. This is her first semester as an intern with Singularity. She has always been passionate about storytelling whether it be on the page or on the stage. When she’s not busy with class or rehearsal, you can usually find her guiding tours around Rowan’s campus as an Admissions Ambassador.


Melina Katsikis

Melina Katsikis is a junior Writing Arts major at Rowan University with minors in Creative Writing and Psychology and certificates of undergraduate study in Foundations of Literature and Publishing and Writing for the Public. She first fell in love with storytelling during middle school and has been writing ever since. She is a bookworm at heart who spends most of her time at libraries and bookstores getting way too many books. This is her first semester interning for Singularity Press and she’s so excited to help bring people’s stories to life.


Sofia Kolojeski 

Sofia (she/her) is a first-year graduate student in the Writing Arts MA program. This is also her first semester as an intern for Singularity Press, but she is looking forward to working with an awesome team and experiencing the world of editing. Her dream is to continue writing and eventually publish her novels to YA audiences. Outside of Rowan, she can be found practicing/learning American Sign Language with the hope of becoming fluent. 


Casey Wang

Casey Wang (she/they) is a senior Writing Arts major, with a concentration in Creative Writing and Publishing and Writing for the Public, as well as a minor in English. This is their first semester interning at Singularity Press, and she’s excited to gain more experience in the publishing industry as well as to help amplify marginalized voices. In between working on her many, many WIPs, Casey enjoys singing, baking, and meticulously modding video games.

Returning Editors


Lesley George

Lesley (she/they) is a senior Writing Arts major with a minor in Creative Writing at Rowan University. She began interning with Singularity in Fall 2022, and LOVES her amazing team! In her free time you can find her drawing, reading or screaming into a mic an hour into a horror game.

You can find her hot-takes and current hyperfixations on HerCampus Rowan.


Gianna Forgen

Gianna Forgen is a senior Writing Arts major with a minor in Creative Writing and a concentration in honors, and she is part of the 4+1 MA in Writing program. She is also the current managing editor for Halftone, Rowan’s pop culture magazine. This is her first semester interning with Singularity Press, and she is very excited to get hands-on editing experience, as she hopes to one day work in a publishing house. You can find her at a concert–hopefully Harry Styles–or working on a story in the notes app of her phone at two in the morning.

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Jay Napoliello

Jay is a senior year Writing Arts student with a passion for creative writing and storytelling. They joined Singularity Press in order to promote creativity in the greater community of writers, and to help others have their voices heard. 

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Nyds Rivera

Nyds is a senior Writing Arts major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Publishing & Writing for the Public, as well as minors in Spanish and Psychology. They joined Singularity Press to gain firsthand experience with the publishing industry and to grow themselves as a writer. When they aren’t writing poetry, you’ll usually find him playing guitar—or with his nose stuck in a Neil Gaiman book. They hope to one day work in the publishing industry, while writing their own books in the meantime, of course!


Lance Robin Serafica

Lance Robin Serafica is an intern at Singularity Press who can be found with his nose buried in a book or obsessively listening to Taylor Swift’s extensive discography. Otherwise, he can be found writing or alternatively, complaining about writing.  He is currently pursuing a BA in English, a minor in Creative Writing, and a minor in Strategic Communications at Rowan University. You can find more of his opinions on books on his Goodreads page.


Garret Castle

Garret Castle is a graduate student working on his MA in Writing Arts with focuses on Creative Writing and Publishing. He is a returning editor who previously worked for Singularity Press during its launch. He is eager to work more with the press and its clients.

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