Singularity Press Editing Staff


Professor Megan Atwood

Head of Singularity Press

Megan Atwood is a professor at Rowan University and a published author of children's literature. She also has years of experience working as an editor. Atwood brought Singularity Press to life and supervises the work of our student staff.


Tara Grier

Assistant Publisher, Admin.

Tara Grier is a senior Writing Arts major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Publishing and Writing for the Public, along with a minor in New Media. She has been working with Singularity Press since Spring of 2020 and has enjoyed every second. She loves that Singularity offers opportunities to both students and aspiring authors that is unlike what anyone else is currently offering. She can usually be found agonizing over the latest draft of her manuscript with a cold coffee beside her or procrastinating said manuscript-editing by rewatching New Girl. 


Brianna Benfield

Assistant Publisher, Admin.

Brianna Benfield is an English major in her last semester of college at Rowan University. She has been an avid reader since she was physically able to read and is an aspiring publisher/editor. She's currently in the middle of working on an adult fantasy novel that she describes as being like The Night Angel Trilogy meets Greek mythology.


Garrett Castle

Book Sale Team

Garret is a Writing Arts major with concentrations in Creative Writing and Publishing and Writing for the Public. He is a returning intern from last semester and is excited to be with Singularity Press going into the new year. He enjoys reading and writing various genres of fiction with a preference for fantasy.


Madi Cook

Advertising & Social Media

Madi Cook is currently a junior Writing Arts and German Studies minor, with a concentration in Creative Writing at Rowan University. She loves journaling, making textile art, and eating loaded nachos in her free time. Madi works with Singularity Press because it's a very new and unique experience. SP is so valuable for her to learn more about collaborating with people and get a taste of the publishing world.


Lindsey D'Ambrosio

Website & Marketing

Lindsey D'Ambrosio is a senior at Rowan University. She is majoring in Journalism, with a double minor in Communication Studies and Professional Creative Writing. She joined the Singularity Press Team due to her love for reading and writing, as well as to gain experience in the self- publishing/publishing world. She hopes to one day work her way up to an editing position at a well-known publishing house as well as publish her own novels.


Lisa Fant

Book Sale Team

Lisa Fant is a senior at Rowan University and is an English major with a minor in Education. She interned with Singularity Press to learn about the ins and outs of the publishing industry and hopes to write her own children’s books someday. Her current favorite book is “The Female Persuasion” by Meg Wolitzer. 


Samantha Grasso

Podcast Team

Samantha Grasso is a current Junior at Rowan University as an English Major and Theater Minor. Writing has always been a deep-rooted passion for her since her childhood. When she heard of Singularity Press, she knew that she wanted to be a part of this group to help cultivate and maintain a welcoming environment through self-service publishing. She’s excited to help other authors bring their creativity to life and get it out into the world.


Scott MacLean

Podcast Team

Scott MacLean is a Writing Arts graduate student. He enjoys fiction that features well rounded LGBTQ+ characters as well as other marginalized voices. He hopes to use his editorial skills and knowledge of the publishing industry to help writers achieve their dream. Scott joined Singularity Press to gain more experience and learn everything he can about being an editor!


Paige McTernan

Writing Prompt Team

Paige McTernan is a junior Writing Arts Major at Rowan University.  She joined Singularity Press as an opportunity to kick-start her own writing career, as well as to learn how things work in the publishing industry. She is very excited to work alongside her Writing Arts peers as a member of the Singularity Press Team!


Chloe Mortier

Writing Prompt Team

Chloe Mortier is a junior majoring in Writing Arts with a concentration in Creative Writing and Publishing & Writing for the Public. She began interning for Singularity Press during her fall semester of junior year, wanting to dip her toes into the publishing world, gain experience reading manuscripts, and be part of a team. Chloe likes to lay on her couch with a cup of peppermint tea, dreaming of all the stories she has crammed in her head instead of actually writing any of them. 


Cat Reed

Book Sale Team

Cat Reed is an English Major with a Creative Writing Minor and a Concentration in English for Future Educators. They’ve in their final semester here at Rowan but plan to continue education at the graduate level in the Fall Semester 2022. Cat wishes to apply to the M.A. in Writing program here at Rowan. Because Cat has self-published previously in the summer of 2020, they have taken an increased interest in the self-publishing world which is why they are thrilled to be working with Singularity Press! 


Yeilyne Rodriquez

Advertising & Social Media

Yeilyne Rodriguez is a graduate student from Rowan University Writing Arts program. She enjoys reading and writing romance, not the kind where it ends in happily ever after, but where there’s passion and spice into the mix with a hint of danger. She looks forward to learning how to use her editorial skills and knowledge onto the publishing industry in order to help someone publish their own work. In hopes that one day, she uses those methods to publish or even self-publish her book(s).


David Schweitzer

Marketing & SWAG

David Schweizer is currently achieving their master’s degree in Writing Arts at Rowan University. They are the editor and founder of the poetry chapbook Trouble Maker Fire Starter. Their poems have appeared in Line+Stars, Moonstone Arts, and The Scarlet Review. Singularity Press has helped David figure out the publishing world!

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Lance Robin Serafica

Marketing & SWAG

Lance Robin Serafica is an intern at Singularity Press who joined in hopes of gaining more experience in the publishing industry. He can be found writing or alternatively, complaining about writing.  He is currently pursuing a BA in English, a minor in Creative Writing, and a minor in Strategic Communications at Rowan University. You can find more of his opinions on books on his Goodreads page


Sawyer Sinnett

Podcast Team

Sawyer Sinnett is a Communication Studies major with a concentration in Interpersonal/Organizational Communication at Rowan University. Invested in critical cultural issues, they hope to attend graduate school for their Master's degree in Fall 2023 to advance their education and career as a gendered communication scholar


Maria Strano

Cover Design

To be filled in at a later date.

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Morgan Riccobene

Editorial Assistant Emeritus

Morgan Riccobene is a graduate of Rowan University. Her contributions to Singularity Press include website creation, editing and managing content, and collaborative business planning.