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Publishing Services

More About Cover Design

Rowan Art Department's talented students will work with you to create a cover fitting of your story. Let us know your vision, and we can bring it to life.

Story Book

Cover Design

More About Layout

 All we need is your final copy of your work as a Word doc. Then we flow the text into InDesign and work on the typography of your piece so that it looks finalized whether print or ebook.

Picture Book



Hand Drawing

More About Editing

Our editors will provide you with editing throughout the publishing process. This includes Developmental editing, Copyediting, and Proofreading to ensure the quality of your manuscript.

Holding a Book

Printing Guidance

More About Printing Guidance

We do not provide printing. 

We will instead provide the author with an array of companies to choose from that fit their wants and needs.

Laptop Keyboard


More About Marketing

By utilizing our services, you’ll get marketing and PR for the length of an academic semester (3 months) and be showcased on our site. We will get you an excited audience through social media, shoutouts, interviews, and more!

Currently unavailable.

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