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Submission Guidelines

Thank you for showing interest in Singularity Press! We are so excited in potentially working with you and helping your vision come to life! To submit your manuscript, please use the contact form found at the bottom of the page. Include a short synopsis of your work, and a list of any potential trigger/content warnings if necessary. We will send you an email once we receive your form and ask that you supply the first twenty pages of your manuscript. After reviewing your materials, we will let you know if we can work with you. If we believe your manuscript is not the right fit for Singularity Press, we have the right to decline it. Please note: because your manuscript will be edited by students, we will need your work at the beginning of Rowan University terms (Fall, Spring, Summer). Please allow a full semester for editing. 

  • Send us your fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.

  • Submit your work as a Word document, Google Doc, or PDF.

  • Leave any specific questions you have for our editors either in your synopsis or as marginal comments in your manuscript.

  • Send us fiction that contains gratuitous violence or erotica.

  • Send us journalistic pieces of nonfiction.

    • Regardless of subgenre, we do not provide fact-checking of any kind.

  • Submit to us if you are under 18 years old.

  • Submit to us if you are currently a student, faculty, or staff member at Rowan University.

  • Leave notes or comments for yourself in your manuscript, which may confuse our editors.

Any manuscripts that are above 75k words or 300 pages (double-spaced) will cost extra and require more time for completion. Please let us know when you contact us if this applies to you.

    Contact Us   

Singularity Press

Rowan University

Glassboro, NJ  08028

Thanks for submitting!

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