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Printing Guidance

What do we Mean by Printing Guidance?

There are several self-publishing company types that can be characterized into groups. There are aggregators who have several elements often providing all editing, printing, and distribution in full packages. Then there are distributors who will sell your book for you, often they will also offer printing services. Then there are servicers, like Singularity Press, who provide a specific selection of services to authors at a discounted rate. Printing and distribution are not part of our services, but we do guide our consumers with our advise and a brochure on which print and/or distribution companies seem best for their needs. Our goal here is to help authors make an educated decision so that they are satisfied with where and how the book is self-published and at what price. We will do our best to help you get your book on paper (or tablet) and into the hands of dedicated readers.

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