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5 Funny as Heck Contemporary Rom-Com Novels

Updated: Apr 7

You may not be familiar with the word listicle, but you have seen plenty of examples–in fact, it’s probably one of your favorite forms of quick media consumption. Essentially, a listicle is … well, a list. Okay, it’s a little more involved than that, but the basic gist is communicating something specific without being thousands of words long. It’s bite-sized chunks of concise information, typically accompanied by a photo. We also use lists to help with retention; listicles simplify and streamline information. Because they are typically shorter in length, it takes less time to digest the content.

1. Lights Out Lucy by Elicia Hyder: For accident-prone Lucy Cooper, a sport that involves balance and speed on eight tiny wheels is the last thing she should try. But, she forgoes the warning bells clanging in her head and signs up to see what she’s made of … and perhaps impress the super hot guy who invited her to her first Music City Rollers bout. Lucy knows that she won’t pass the roller derby fresh meat training unscathed because “it's not a matter of if you get hurt, but of how bad and when.” Lights Out Lucy is the first book of the Music City Rollers series.

2. Cuffed by K. Bromberg: Hot cop Grant Malone has always wondered what happened to his childhood best friend and crush. When he finds out she’s back home happiness, guilt, and confusion summons his memories. He needs answers: why did she leave, what is she hiding, and why is she avoiding him like the bubonic plague? Despite her confident and sassy front, he knows something’s haunting her. But, he must choose if knowing the truth is worth endangering her love. Cuffed is the first novel of the Everyday Heroes series.

3. Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan: Overcoming her severe shyness requires drastic measures; Harriet Knight dares herself to one thing every day that pushes her comfort zone, which lands her in the ER with a twisted ankle. When a customer at Bark Rangers enlists her dog-walking services, Harry’s shocked and absolutely flustered that the client is the handsome trauma physician who tended her. In the spirit of “Challenge Harriet,” she accepts a promise to dog-sit, even though that means keeping company with the hot doc that equally intimidates yet intrigues her. He’s her biggest test yet, and she wants more than ever to step out of her shell and explore whatever these feelings are between them. Moonlight Over Manhattan is the sixth and final edition of From Manhattan with Love series. While it can be read as a standalone, it is recommended to read the previous volumes.

4. Royally Matched by Emma Chase: When his brother abdicates the throne, Henry Pembrook, second Prince of Wessco, suddenly finds a whole lot of royal responsibility loaded on his shoulders. Now, the carefree playboy needs to settle down, or at least make efforts to prove that he’s ready for his duties. So, what’s a fun-loving guy with dwindling freedom to do when the perfect solution knocks on his door--in the form of a televised reality dating drama, Matched: Royal Edition. However, he has two problems: his grandmother, the Queen, will eventually find out about his show, and he’s falling madly in love with a girl who isn’t a contestant. Royally Matched is the second installment of The Royally series, and it is recommended to read the preceding novel for more enjoyment.

​5. Timid by Devney Perry: Willa Doon’s quiet life in Montana is a little lonely but just fine. That is until her teenage crush--now the town’s enigmatic bartender--returns. While he drowns his turmoil with beer and sex, Willa provides him subtle comfort and friendship. Despite her efforts to make him notice her, he’s infuriatingly aloof. After years of patiently waiting and hoping, Willa must decide if it’s finally time to let go of her girlish dreams and move on. Timid is the second title in the Lark Cove series that can be read as a standalone.

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