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A Day in the Life of a Singularity Press Intern!

Updated: Apr 7

by Allyson Wark

The mysterious and mystical life of a Summer intern is one most people can only dream of understanding. A twenty year old something living in the great in between trying to get their foot in a random door before it gets slammed in their face. Always willing to make the coffee runs and do the dirty work for a whopping three whole college credits.

Who are they? What is an intern?

How are they surviving their Summer away from the excitement of college?

Today you will get an inclusive glimpse into the secret world of the Singularity Press interns.

(The best kind of intern to be. duh.)

Introducing me!


Your personal tour guide to all things Singularity Press.

Arms and legs inside the moving vehicle at all times please!

Like most, I wake up in the morning. Then I feed the cat, take a multivitamin, and hit the gym. The bigger the gains, the better the brain. That’s what I always say anyway. Eat, shower, and get to work. Nothing to it.

Pro Tip: Every intern must find a beverage to sip on while beginning their work. It is simply a way of life and I have yet to see an exception.

My personal preference is an iced coffee from Dunkin (Hey, East Coast), make it extra sugar!

Then I find myself at my desk fully ready to intern it up. I start by reading over my notes from our previous work meeting and checking my agenda to see what work needs to be done this week and what deadlines are creeping up on me.

Pro Tip: Get a planner! Make sure it's cute. Purchase fun multicolor pens. Spend an excessive time organizing it. Then make sure you actually use it... You’ll thank me later.

Next, comes prioritizing. An annoying brain game all inspiring writers are familiar with. What tasks are the most important and which ones are due the soonest? For example, this blog post? Important. Due soon. So here I am. Writing it. Once this is complete, I will begin reading over manuscripts sent to us by a literary agent and begin writing my Reader Report. This allows me to read over authors' pieces of work and give opinions about what is working and what could be improved. It’s a great way for me to experience what it is like to write an editorial letter and it could be a great way for you to have a fresh set of eyes to help you with your work!

By then I’ll be on my second cup of coffee and munching on a well deserved lunch. I’ll take time for myself to do my research tasks. Where, when, and how do we advertise best? How do I make sure this Tik Tok goes viral? Does a blue or green background make this Insta post more aesthetically pleasing?

Whew, I’m tired. Time for errands, other summer work obligations, and to feed my cat again.

By the end of my day, I'll settle down with my current read, Bunny by Mona Awad, or I'll cool down by doing some of my own creative writing. Then I’ll throw in some skin care, a melatonin gummy or two, and I'm off to bed. Ready to see what tomorrow will bring. There you have it! Now, don’t go telling anyone our secrets, and check out our services page to see what else us interns can do for you.

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