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  • Sofia Kolojeski

Finding Ways to Write Within a Busy Life

Updated: Apr 7

Life keeps us on our toes, I’m sure many would agree. Work, school, family, friends, you name it. For those of us who live in the creative world, this can take a toll on our time and ability to keep up with our craft! In this case, we’ll be focusing on writing specifically, though it may pertain to any of the other arts.


Finding the right schedule is so important, but also so difficult for many of us! Most are not able to sit at home, focusing solely on writing. It might be the dream, but it may not become reality for the majority. So, where should you go from here? What’s the trick?


Luckily enough, there is no one way to “do it right.” It’s so great that us as humans are so unique, all minds working differently. The “trick” is to experiment with various routines and activities that will keep you on your toes so that you can find the most beneficial way to write…for you!


Identify What Keeps You Stuck


First things first. What keeps you from “getting in the zone?” For me, it’s of course…technology. Social media has more of a chokehold on me than I’d like to admit. Endless scrolling, saying “I’ll get started in an hour.” And then, I’m asking: where did the time go? Maybe it’s struggling with motivation. Could it be that the workspace feels off? Complete avoidance? Take note of when these things come up, why do they come up, and what is the best way to conquer these challenges?


Trying to Get Unstuck


Screen time. Set a limit. There are apps, settings, etc. that will keep you from doom scrolling. Then, maybe figure out what’s a good goal to set for a writing slot (now that your phone is out of the picture temporarily). It doesn’t have to be a long time. It needs to be manageable. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t meet this goal at first, or struggle through it. You’re learning. That’s a step to how we succeed! As for motivation, there’s no formula to it. As much as I hate to admit it, sometimes we have to just do it. It’s not fun, and it feels icky. The more you write, the easier it’ll get, slowly, but surely. Unfortunately, not all of what we write (especially during the first go) is going to be absolutely show-stopping, and accepting that is a key component. We have to write to be…writers!


What’s Your Golden Hour?


Stemming from above, choosing a specific time to write in addition to how long is really important. Some people can’t write every day (me), and that’s alright. But, it still will be helpful to select a time where you’ll have a prime opportunity to work. Some people do early mornings before work or school, etc. It can be a positive start to the day, knowing that words were accomplished. For those who are night owls, feel free to utilize then too. Just be careful not to sacrifice all your sleep, self-care is critical! Lastly, weekends can be a time of rest and relaxation. Catching up on everything that’s piled up from the week. Writing counts. Consider opening up the laptop or notebook in between activities and chores. You might be surprised at how much it can make a difference.


Making the Experience Positive


It might feel rough getting started, but there are certainly ways to stimulate the creative flow. Music is a big one. Select whatever playlist, instrumentals, (white noise, perhaps), songs that inspire you and keep things going. Try making your writing area a safe, comfortable place. Whatever that looks like for you…comfy clothes, comfort movie, lights down low, diffuser, the options are endless.


Being a writer comes with many challenges, but keeping an open mind and continuing to give ourselves grace during the journey will always steer us right. It is such a beautiful thing to create, and share our words in any way we can. Keep writing!

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