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Stop the Presses! It's a Book Sale!!!

Updated: Apr 7

Friends, family, fellows! Brace yourselves for the wondrous opportunity I am about to present to you. This week, stop by the lobby of 260 Victoria Street and buy a book for the low, low price of a single dollar! That’s right, for three days only, Singularity Press will be stationed in the aforementioned lobby from 9AM to 3PM, selling books of all genres for just one dollar. What better way to celebrate National Write a Novel Month (NaNoWriMo) than by lining your bookshelves with some new books! From classics like Shakespeare, to New York Times Best Sellers like Zodiac, there’s something for every kind of book lover at this book sale.

Got a loved one's birthday coming up? What about Christmas or Hanukkah? Take it from me, a book is a phenomenal gift to give! I remember buying a copy of Shakespeare's Hamlet for my sister as a Christmas gift at this same book sale a few years ago, and she absolutely adored it. Not to mention, I got to take home some sweet books for myself as well, and it made it easier to hide the surprise gift from her since I had multiple books. Believe me, you don't want to miss out on this awesome annual event! The book sale will run from Monday, November 6th (hey, that’s today!) to Wednesday, November 8th. You may pay with cash or Venmo.

But wait, there’s more! If you spend up to five dollars, you’ll get the chance to spin the prize wheel. So not only will you get to go home with five new books, but you’ll also get a mystery prize! What a steal! You won’t find books for prices like this too often, so make sure to come down to 260 Victoria Street sometime within those three days to take advantage. Speaking of advantages, while you’re browsing the book sale, feel free to talk to some of our interns about Singularity Press and what we can do for you. We love seeing all the happy faces as people take home some books, and we hope to see yours too! Have a wonderful week, and thanks for reading!

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