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  • Coney Zhang

Writing Is Indulgence, As It Should Be

Updated: Apr 7

One of the issues, I think, that we as writers face is the question of whether or not anyone would like to read what we write. Especially for those who hope to have their works get published, we all harbor that small bit of insecurity that plants doubt inside our hearts. We constantly ask ourselves “Is this good enough?” and wonder “Would anyone be interested in what I have to say?” then shut down and lose our joy from writing.

Doubt is common in all of us, but we should all remember why we write and who we write for: ourselves. To write in order to please others takes the joy out of writing. We should consider what it is that we personally seek and what it is that we wish to read about before asking if anyone else would be interested, as well.

Your Own Biggest Fan

Sometimes it’s hard to remember that we write because we want to. So if you ever find yourself asking “Who would even want to read what I wrote?” Well look no further than your own reflection in the mirror! The stories and lessons that you want to tell were created for yourself first and foremost. The ideas may live in your head rent free, but something about seeing the words written down on a document or page brings a greater sense of satisfaction than anything else.

We live in a society where numbers have begun to define everything. Whether the people who read your writing spans from a million to a thousand or to just three people, the only person who really needs to hear what you have to say is yourself.

Embracing Creative Freedom 

Naturally, we hold ourselves back in everything we do. It’s hard to learn when to let go of these self-imposed limitations and expectations, but writing has always been meant to push limitations and expectations. It’s a liberating feeling when we write freely without concern of other’s opinions. So don’t be afraid to experiment with the way you write. Just trust your instincts and your writing capabilities. Once you learn to indulge, you’ll find yourself reaching your fullest potential.

A Dirty Little Secret 

What’s so shameful about writing what you want, anyway? Writing is all about creative and self expression. It’s allowed to be an emotional catharsis for some while also being an escape from reality for others. Everyone has their own tropes and genres that serve as their guilty pleasure. Even if what you write comes off as cliché, at least you indulged and wrote about what you like to read about!

As for the best part? The next time you get together with other writers or writing friends, you can whisper to them, “You’re not going to believe this, but I just spent the last few hours writing a super self indulgent story.” Then they’ll lean over and whisper back, “Me, too.”

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